Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards were introduced for gamers

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards were introduced for gamers

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards were introduced. Asus has designed these motherboards for gamers. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of the new series of Asus motherboards.


Coinciding with the introduction of the new Z590 chipset, Asus also introduced the ROG STRIX Z590 series motherboards as the largest motherboard manufacturer in the world. These Asus motherboards are made for gamers and have a variety of attractive features. Motherboards based on the Asus Z590 chipset host 11th and 10th generation Intel processors and have a variety of features such as automatic overclocking, efficient cooling system, optimal memory slots and support for the latest generation of communication solutions, and each model has distinctive features.

Introduction to Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards

ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming motherboard armed to the teeth

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards

This gaming motherboard is made with the latest LGA 1200 processor socket and 14 + 2 phase digital power supply circuit and is ready to host 11th generation Intel processors. The black appearance and streaks seen in the heatsinks provide a beautiful and rough look for any gaming system. RGB lighting is also used in three parts: VRM heatsink, M.2 socket top heatsink and main chipset. This lighting can be customized using Armory software, and with the Aura Sync feature, all the colors and lighting effects of the motherboard can be coordinated with other connected parts.

Four RAM slots with support for modules with a maximum frequency of 5333 MHz, dual-channel architecture and Optimem II technology are responsible for supporting DDR4 main memory modules. Three M.2 sockets provide access to high-speed SSDs, the first two of which have a PCIe4.0 interface. These sockets also have a heatsink to absorb temperature and maintain the efficiency of these memories. The three PCI-Express ports are the graphics card connectors for this motherboard, the first and second ports are PCI-E 4.0 and the third is PCI-E 3.0.

Pre-installed I / O protector, integrated heatsink for power supply and back cover of motherboard ports, various connections such as fan headers, water cooler pump headers and USB ports on the bottom of the motherboard are another part of ROG STRIX Z590-E Gaming connections. formed. One of the attractive and remarkable features in this section is the dual-band WiFi6 wireless network with AX210 standard.

ROG STRIX Z590-F Gaming motherboard Formula for winning the game

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards

This gaming motherboard also has all the necessary elements to provide you with the maximum performance and power of 11th generation processors. The Asus ROG STRIX Z590-F Gaming motherboard with all 14 + phase power supply circuit, which includes fully powerful components, is the host of all the new processors mentioned. This model also has four DDR4 DIMM slots that support modules up to 5333 MHz. The combination of black and silver colors of this motherboard along with RGB lighting in two points are elements that affect the beauty. This model also has the ability to customize lighting with several different visual effects and synchronize lighting under Aura Sync.

The three PCI-Express slots are the graphics card ports on the motherboard, all of which support Safe Slot technology. The first and second slots support the fourth generation of the PCI-E standard, and the third slot supports the third generation. The audio chip, along with the ALC4080 codec and a Savitech SV3H712 amplifier, can provide a great audio experience for gamers. Asus has completely detached the design of this part of the board, which is related to audio discussion, and has used a protector to prevent noise on independent audio channels. Fan headers, water cooler pump and RGB LEDs are also located on the top of this motherboard.

ROG STRIX Z590-A motherboard is a special choice

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards

The white background and heatsinks with parallel streaks are the first thing that catches your eye on this motherboard. This gaming motherboard has a powerful 14 + 2 phase power supply circuit as a group that meets all the needs of the processor and main memory for the ultimate performance experience. Three M.2 sockets, along with pre-installed heatsinks, give you access to experience the ultimate in speed with new SSDs; Because these ports are PCIe 4.0 standard.

Four DIMM slots are ready to install high-speed RAM up to 5333 MHz. These slots come with dual channel architecture and Optimem II technology; Optimem II technology has a significant impact on the performance of the computer’s main memory, which can only be experienced with new Asus motherboards; Because this technology provides a very specific optimization in the communication and access between the DDR4 modules and the processor.

The SupremeFX audio chip with the ALC4080 codec is once again seen on newer Asus motherboards, especially this model, which came with an amplifier in this version. In this part, the audio chip, after the process of separation and conversion, significantly amplifies the final sound, which in practice, the consumer will experience a unique audio experience. Another important point is not to change the sound parameters so that you can finally hear a clear and clear sound.

ROG STRIX Z590-I Gaming motherboard is small but versatile

Asus ROG STRIX Z590 motherboards

This mini-ITX motherboard takes up as little space in your case as possible and gives you considerable power by hosting new processors. Support for new processors with LGA1200 socket, 2 + 8 phase power supply circuit, water cooler pump header and integrated I / O heatsink and power supply circuit, SupremeFX series gaming audio chip and RGB lighting with Aura Sync support are some of the features of this motherboard. are.

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