Asus RTX 3060 series graphics cards were introduced

Asus RTX 3060
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The Asus RTX 3060 series graphics cards were introduced under the ROG STRIX, TUF Gaming and Dual models. In the following, we will get acquainted with their specifications.

Asus , the world’s largest graphics card maker, has introduced a new series of graphics cards based on the RTX 3060 graphics processor. The new graphics cards were introduced under the ROG STRIX, TUF Gaming and Dual models, which have 12 GB of video memory. New graphics cards with high quality and durability, optimized cooling and a powerful power supply circuit are ready to offer the power of the new generation. Asus graphics cards still support Ray Tracing technologies in hardware and NVIDIA DLSS, like other models. Also, Asus has included proprietary technologies such as fully automatic Auto-Extreme production and many other attractive and distinctive features with its graphics card.

Familiarity with Asus RTX 3060 series graphics cards

ROG STRIX series for ultimate power and beauty

Asus Graphics Cards

All the components of the Asus ROG STRIX RTX 3060 series graphics card have been put together to extract all the power of the Ampere architecture for you and experience the ultimate in performance and power in the game. This generation of powerful graphics cards, made for every gamer, comes with durable, high-quality components and a powerful power supply circuit.

The metal structure of this series is one of the important elements of the appearance and strength of the mentioned graphics card. Also, the use of new Asus Axial-Tech series fans has made the cooling system much more potential to reduce temperature and noise (sound). These fans have a ring around all the blades and two bearings. This design change has both increased fan life and increased air transfer capacity. The center fan reverse rotation system also prevents any turbulence in the air.

Asus Graphics Cards

The large 2.7-slot heatsink used for these graphics cards allows the temperature generated by the GPU or any important element of the board to be well absorbed at all points by the heat transfer tubes. At this stage, Asus also has a technology specific to its graphics card, which has improved the cooling performance many times over. This technology is known as MAX-CONTACT, which is related to polishing the heat sink section of the heatsink. The heatsink or chamber heater is the part where the graphics chip connects to the heatsink. Asus first increased the heat transfer power several times by using a special alloy and flattening it with microscopic accuracy.

Asus Graphics Cards

In addition to the efficient cooling system, the Super Alloy Components components, which include capacitors, chokes, MOSFETs and quality drives, along with Asus’ excellent engineering and design, form a very powerful power supply circuit for the new graphics cards. Basically, the presence of a powerful power supply circuit that ensures the proper functioning and good performance of the graphics card, and this very important principle can be seen in all Asus graphics cards. In addition to this feature, the fully automatic Asus product line, known as Auto-Extreme, guarantees that all of these components are connected to the board as accurately as possible. Because Asus uses a fully automatic production line to produce all its graphics cards by machine without the presence of human hands, so that there are no human errors for the graphics cards that reach the final consumer.

Hard and powerful TUF Gaming series

Asus Graphics Cards

Asus has used the highest quality components to produce RTX 3060 graphics cards that maintain the principle of high stability and performance. These components include chokes, MOSFETs, and capacitors, all of which are military-grade certified. On the other hand, the Asus Auto-Extreme fully automatic product line is responsible for the production of this series of Asus graphics cards in order to stabilize the quality of the final product. Although the production process is done with high quality and precision parts, to ensure the stability and performance of the 144-hour test products is also part of the quality verification process of Asus TUF graphics cards.

The new Axial-Tech fans with two bearings have a remarkable ability compared to other fans used in conventional graphics cards; The new series of graphics cards mentioned will be cooled with better performance than before; In this section, three fans simultaneously eliminate the temperature generated by the important elements.

Asus Graphics Cards

In addition, the use of two bearings in the mentioned fans will cause the temperature to drop as much as possible and increase the durability of the graphics card. The center fan also rotates in the opposite direction to the other two fans, increasing the performance of the cooling section. The fans will also stop automatically for longer life and less noise when your graphics card reaches a temperature below 55 ° C.

Graphics card cooling does not only lead to the use of highly engineered fans; In fact, the most important point in the discussion of cooling a graphics card is the “correct transfer of temperature” to the heatsink to be then repelled by the fans. Asus has used MAXCONTACT technology for the mentioned graphics cards, which with a special production process, connects the new RTX GPU chip to the heatsink (the part that is responsible for absorbing temperature) with microscopic precision.

Asus Graphics Cards

The new series of Asus TUF RTX 30 graphics cards comes with an all-aluminum cover and can match all tastes in terms of appearance. In addition, on the back of the graphics card, the backplate is provided with a vent to allow hot air produced by the graphics card to better dissipate heat. Other features include a stainless steel I / O bracket and a BIOS switch.

Dual series Two cooling fans with twice as much excitement

Asus Graphics Cards

The Asus Dual RTX 3060 series graphics card with 12 GB of video memory and two cooling fans offers maximum performance with temperature balance. Asus has also used its latest fans in this generation, which are much more efficient in transferring air to all parts of the heatsink. Also, the combination of Auto-Extreme technology and the use of a larger heatsink ensures your utmost power and efficiency in the latest games of the day. One of the attractive features of this series of graphics cards is the 0db technology, which stops the fans in the absence of high temperature or heavy processing.

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