Asus RX 6800 series graphics cards
Asus RX 6800

Asus RX 6800 series graphics cards

Asus RX 6800 series graphics cards with special gaming capabilities were introduced. Here are the specifications of the new Asus graphics card.

Asus is proud to introduce its new AMD Radeon RX6000 series of graphics cards. These new and iconic graphics cards from other Asus gamers feature the latest generation of AMD Radeon GPUs with RDNA 2 architecture. These graphics cards in the ROG STRIX and TUF Gaming series bring the maximum performance and power in the game and have the lowest temperature and noise.

Introduction to Asus RX 6800 series graphics card

ROG Strix LC Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card

The RX 6800XT GPU is one of AMD’s most powerful GPUs. Asus also introduces the ROG STRIX LC Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card to experience the ultimate in performance of this powerful GPU, which has a liquid cooling system with a heatsink and a turbo fan plus a 240mm radiator.

This cooling system has a very cool cooling capacity and ensures the durability and stability of this graphics card during long-term use. Another point is that all the components of the liquid cooling system of this graphics card include proprietary components for this model that absorb the temperature generated by the GPU and GDDR6 video memory and finally transfer it to the 240 mm radiator.

Asus has also included Fan Connect II technology for this graphics card, which can connect fans with 3 or 4 pin headers to the graphics so that the rotation speed of the fans is coordinated and adjusted according to the temperature of the graphics card. For easy installation of this graphics card, Asus has used bags with EATX standard 600 mm hoses so that consumers do not have to worry about enough space to install this graphics card.

ROG STRIX RX 6800 graphics card

Asus Graphics Cards

The use of high-quality components, the use of an efficient cooling system, a rugged and gaming appearance, and RGB lighting are just a short definition of this powerful Asus gaming graphics card.

Along with the RX 6800XT graphics processor, the ROG STRIX RX 6800 is known as a small and powerful member of the new generation of Asus graphics cards with RDNA2 architecture; The Asus ROG STRIX RX 6800 is the weapon that professional gamers need to win the battle.

Asus has used all its special features for the air cooling system of this graphics card; Large 2.9-slot heatsink This graphics card absorbs the temperature generated by the GPU through the heat transfer tubes, as seen in the cooling phase of Asus’s proprietary MaxContact technology. This technology means that the graphics card chamber is flat with microscopic precision, which has several times better performance than the conventional graphics card cooling system.

Asus has also used the latest generation of AXIAL-Tech fans for the cooling system of this powerful gaming graphics card, which increases the durability of the fan blades and transfers air to the heatsink better than the previous generation fans and other common graphics cards. And produces less noise. Also, with the updated design of the cooling system of this graphics card, the middle fan prevents the air turbulence by rotating in the opposite direction and causes the cool air to reach the hottest parts of the graphics card. There is an air vent on the back of the graphics card, which is one way for hot air to escape.

TUF GAMING RX 6800XT and TUF GAMING RX 6800 graphics card

Asus Graphics Cards

The TUF series of Asus graphics cards is known for having very hard and powerful parts, and the two Asus TUF GAMING RX 6800XT and TUF GAMING RX 6800 graphics cards also carry this principle. Like the previous graphics card, these two sturdy and gaming graphics cards use AXIAL-TECH fans to better transfer air to the heatsink by rotating upside down to prevent air turbulence, and MAXCONTACT technology to better transfer temperature from the GPU to They have a heatsink.

Another feature that distinguishes these two graphics cards and all Asus graphics cards is the presence of Auto-Extreme technology. This technology means the production of graphics cards in a completely isolated environment by the machine and as a result will not lead to any human error. Also, during this production process, heating to connect the various components of the board is done in just one step, which is one of the reasons for the very high durability of all Asus graphics cards such as TUF GAMING RX 6800XT and TUF GAMING RX 6800.

While selecting the power supply components, which are undoubtedly one of the most important components of any graphics card, Asus has selected parts from the TUF series that are military-certified. In addition, Asus has included a 144-hour test for both TUF GAMING RX 6800XT and TUF GAMING RX 6800 graphics cards to ensure consumers are working properly. Also, in terms of appearance, we can mention the solid metal structure and various visual effects of Aura RGB lighting.

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