Asus servers based on NVIDIA DPU and EGX solutions
Asus servers

Asus servers based on NVIDIA DPU and EGX solutions

Asus servers were introduced based on NVIDIA DPU and EGX solutions. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of Asus’ new servers.

Asus , a leading company in the IT industry and a successful manufacturer of servers and workstations, is proud to announce the support of its GPU-based servers for new networking and security technologies under Nvidia’s platforms. Asus has long offered quality servers with high performance and new innovations that have been able to meet the market demand for NVIDIA data processing solutions (NVIDIA DPU).

Asus servers are NVIDIA-certified EGX platform optimized for AI and Data Science applications. Asus also provides its customers with more performance, better performance, more scalability along with complete security by providing hardware, software along with compatibility certifications.

Asus will fully support NVIDIA’s new graphics processors and network adapters, and will include new platforms for data-based computing (DPU) and graphics (GPU) in its product portfolio. Asus, as one of the accelerator solutions providers, also uses the most advanced technologies for its customers.

Beyond artificial intelligence with NVIDIA BlueField DPU

Asus servers

During Nvidia’s annual GTC conference, the second generation of BlueField technology, or the most advanced data processing units in the world, was introduced, which allowed consumers to host fast networks with more security and storage capabilities. In fact, BlueField-2 technology combines the power of the ConnectX®-6 Dx SmartNIC with the Arm series’ precisely programmable cores. These two combinations have the ability to load hardware for virtualization in storage, data reduction, loophole detection, and security threats.

A further explanation of this technology is the performance of the DOCA standard, which is built under open source programming interfaces. This standard can be used for defined software, accelerator hardware, artificial intelligence and big data analysis, cloud computing and virtualization.

The Asus GPU class servers are designed for the NVIDIA DPU standard and are suitable for heavy-duty computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI). On the other hand, Asus GPU servers support 4 to up to 8 dual slots for NVIDIA PCIe GPUs. In addition, Asus GPU-based servers feature proprietary technologies such as Adaptive Topology in the ESC8000 G4. This technology makes it possible to change the state of the system topology by management outside the ASMB9-iKVM band, and it is possible to change the hardware settings and cable routing.

NVIDIA EGX platform

Asus servers

This platform is for systems optimized for artificial intelligence that are part of the organizational infrastructure and data processing. Systems based on this platform have trillions of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. The platform supports a rich and highly accurate software ecosystem using artificial intelligence to deliver AI and 5G services to centers such as smart hospitals, robotic factories, smart stores and many more.

Asus servers

Asus offers NVIDIA NGC compliant servers including the ESC8000 G4, ESC4000 G4, and the E900 G4 and Pro E800 G4 data science workstations, with high GPU computing power, NVIDIA network solutions, more bandwidth, and less latency. are. These servers are also in the organizational category, and in case of any problems or system failures and to increase productivity, owners can contact NVIDIA specialists. This feature can fix L1 software problems very quickly and provide better paths for L1 and L2. Asus, as an NVIDIA-approved partner, can also offer servers optimized servers with a variety of software solutions to its customers for applications such as artificial intelligence in various configurations and scales.

Asus servers still offer the best performance

Asus servers

Asus servers are known as the best possible options for data centers in terms of efficiency, computing and energy efficiency. Asus servers in the 1P and 2P models, which are compatible with the platforms of Intel and AMD, have been able to prove their optimal performance by achieving more than 700 world records to date. Records of these servers can be viewed through the website. Asus also offers servers that focus more on performance and power consumption, resulting in significant energy savings. In this discussion, Asus has achieved the first rank of SPEC Power for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

Collaboration between ASUS and NVIDIA for comprehensive AI solutions, heavy computing, and customer data analytics will continue.

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