Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics cards

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Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics cards were introduced. In the following, we will get acquainted with the specifications of two powerful Asus gaming graphics cards.

Asus , the world’s leading graphics card brand, is proud to introduce two new and powerful TUF-RTX3090-24G-GAMING and TUF-RTX3080-10G-GAMING graphics cards .

Both graphics cards are available in both overclocked and regular models, with the base frequency of the TUF-RTX3090-O24G-GAMING GPU starting at 1770 MHz. The 24 GB GDDR6X TUF RTX 3090 also has a memory speed of 19.5 Gbps. In the TUF-RTX3080-10G-GAMING model, the base frequency of the GPU in boost mode is 1815, and the speed of the 10 GB GDDR6X video memory of this graphics card is 19 Gbps.

Specifications of TUF RTX 30 series graphics cards

High durability with TUF category parts

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

Asus has used the highest quality components to produce the mentioned graphics cards in order to maintain the principle of stability and high performance. These components include chokes, MOSFETs, and capacitors, all of which are military-grade certified. On the other hand, the Asus Auto-Extreme fully automatic product line is responsible for the production of this series of Asus graphics cards in order to stabilize the quality of the final product. Although the production process is done with very high quality and precision parts, to ensure the stability and performance of the 144-hour test products is also part of the quality verification process of Asus TUF graphics cards.

New fans of AXIAL-TECH series

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

The new series of graphics cards mentioned will be cooled with better performance than before; In this section, three fans simultaneously eliminate the temperature generated by the important elements.

In addition, the use of two bearings in the mentioned fans will reduce the temperature as much as possible and increase the durability of the graphics card. The center fan also rotates in the opposite direction to the two side fans to increase the performance of the cooling section. Fans will also stop automatically for longer and less noise when your graphics card reaches temperatures below 55 ° C for longer life and less noise.

MAXCONTACT technology

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

Graphics card cooling does not only lead to the use of highly engineered fans; In fact, the most important point in the discussion of cooling a graphics card is the “correct transfer of temperature” to the heatsink to be then repelled by the fans. Asus has used MAXCONTACT technology for the mentioned graphics cards, which with a special production process, connects the chip of the new RTX graphics processors to the heatsink (the part that is responsible for absorbing temperature) with microscopic precision.

Efficient heatsink with 2.7 slot design

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

The temperature transferred from the GPU chip will be transferred to different parts of the 2.7-slot heatsink by the heat transfer tubes. Apart from fixing the temperature of the GPU part, the VRAM part of the graphics card also has a special pre-installed heatsink so that the graphics card does not have a problem with the VRAM temperature during heavy processing.

Customizable RGB lighting

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

The lighting of this graphics card comes with several different visual effects that can be customized and compatible with other ASUS components; Also in the power connector section, the internal LEDs will light up when the connection is not well established.

Special and powerful design

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

The new series of Asus TUF RTX 30 graphics cards comes with an all-aluminum cover and can match all tastes in terms of appearance. In addition, on the back of the graphics card, the backplate with the hot air vent produced by the graphics card. Other features include a stainless steel I / O bracket and a BIOS switch.

GPU Tweak II software

Asus TUF RTX 30 series graphics card

Asus GPU Tweak II software allows you to easily view or adjust various parameters such as GPU clock speed, memory frequency, voltage and fan speed in a moment. Advanced fan setting and application of various profiles such as gaming mode, overclocking and silent are among the other features included with this software. Other software features include a free 6-month wtFast subscription, XSplit with new series graphics cards.


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