Atalasoft DotImage .NET Imaging SDK Build 507

Atalasoft DotImage .NET Imaging SDK Build 507

Atalasoft DotImage .NET is a set of functions or sdk for document imaging that provides a function for the common use of scanned documents. You can read, convert and edit your documents, annotate them, and turn paper and electronic documents into active tools for your applications. DotImage functions have a series of direct UI and annotation controls that allow you to control rotation and annotation. The DotImage .NET SDK supports a set of image conversion and image decoding software that can open all images in a variety of formats.

Features and specifications of Atalasoft DotImage .NET component:

  • View document and annotation to complete a roundup step
  • Easily convert various formats to other standard formats
  • Get pages in an object set for easy rearrangement
  • Easy combination of documents with single-function calling
  • Clear images: Use functions to remove artificial scans, remove noise
  • Direct pixel access: The format and flow of pixels to various engines to perform the transformation process detection
  • Desktop Scan: Configure and start the scan using the Dot Images API
  • Use barcodes or any other behavior to automatically split and create individual documents from bulk scan
  • Native viewing: TIFF, PDF and many image formats are visible in the browser using the Imaging SDK
  • Use annotations and server functions
  • View PDF directly in Windows or web application
  • Convert from pdf to another image format
  • Extract data from a specific area to create appropriate index fields
  • Identify characters based on the alphabet and number of a scanned image

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

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