ATENA Masonry earthQuake (AmQuake) 3.8.14998

ATENA Masonry earthQuake (AmQuake) 3.8.14998

ATENA Masonry earthQuake is a professional software for designing and investigating earthquakes for masonry buildings. This software will help engineers to design safe buildings in earthquake-prone areas. AmQuake software uses equivalent pressure and skeleton analysis methods to assess the seismic safety of stone buildings in a graphical user interface.

Features and specifications of ATENA Masonry earthQuake – AmQuake:

  • Includes a database of national building products and standards for different countries
  • Various settings for new projects such as creating classes and checking safety coefficients for analysis
  • Definition of several types of wall materials such as unreinforced masonry, reinforced masonry, restricted masonry and reinforced concrete.
  • Includes an extensive list of brick products for the selected country along with all calculation parameters and product sheets
  • Define seismic demand for projects such as seismic area, ground surface acceleration, soil and other parameters of the reaction response spectrum for pressure analysis
  • The results of the seismic assessment according to Eurocode 8 are able to print an RTF protocol that can be used directly for the licensing process.
  • Includes many features for post-processing the results of individual analysis. It is possible to display the final failure mode of the structure as well as the failure modes of individual walls.

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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