Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete x64 / macOS
Athentech Perfectly Clear

Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete x64 / macOS


Athentech Perfectly Clear is a very powerful plugin for editing and beautifying images as well as retouching photos in Photoshop. Using this plugin, all photo problems will be identified and edited with a single click. The manufacturer of this product claims that their program is the result of 15 years of efforts in the field of image editing and restoration.

This plugin is well able to detect all kinds of image problems such as not adjusting the light or brightness too much, the image is dark or blurred, the colors are dead, the image is not clear, and its default settings seem to solve the problem, although manually You can also change its values.

The software also has the ability to retouch portrait or face images. You can easily get rid of the redness of the pupil. You might say that Photoshop itself does this easily. Yes, but enlarging the eyes, increasing the whiteness, removing the blood vessels, blackening the eyes of the people and many other things are not easily possible in Photoshop, or to be more precise, it is not easily possible for beginners.

But with the help of this plugin, not only the above tasks but also many issues related to retouching, including smoothing facial skin and removing wrinkles, blackening hair and eyebrows, reddening cheeks, texturing the face, removing freckles and moles on the face, changing The size of the nose, lips and other parts of the face and many other things can be done with a few clicks. It can also be installed in Photoshop Element, Lightroom, and Corel Paintshop.

Features of Athentech Perfectly Clear Plugin:

  • Rich editing environment
  • The simple and understandable graphical interface
  • Automatic detection and repair of image problems
  • Professional facilities for portrait retouching
  • Excellent ability to sharpen dark and blurry images
  • And …

required system 

System Requirements:
Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit only)
Photoshop CS6 or Creative Cloud
Photoshop Elements 13,14,15
Corel PaintShop Pro X6, X7, X8, X9
Lightroom 4 or newer, including v6 and CC
4 GB RAM or more
OpenGL v2.0 or newer

Pictures Perfectly Clear


Athentech Perfectly Clear

Installation guide

This version includes a standalone version as well as a plugin for Photoshop.

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Download Athentech Perfectly Clear Complete x64
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