ATIR STRAP 2021 build 110 with BEAMD 2020 build 105 x64

ATIR STRAP 2021 build 110 with BEAMD 2020 build 105 x64


ATIR STRAP is an engineering software is based on the Windows platform, which deals with static and dynamic analysis of buildings, bridges, and other structures. The software also includes modules for the design of steel and flat concrete sections in accordance with international codes of the United States, Europe, and Canada. Solution time for large models on computers with four processors is reduced by 90%.

ATIR STRAP software is one of the most comprehensive structural analysis software on the market today, which is very easy to use due to its excellent user interface. This software provides engineers with a powerful and cost-effective tool that can analyze and design a wide range of skeletal structures such as buildings, towers, bridges, and more. ATIR STRAP has used graphic inputs for the generation of models. You can print any design and import it into other documents.

Features and capabilities of ATIR STRAP:

  • Includes a standard wizard library that allows you to define your model with several parameters. This library may be enhanced by the user.
  • Copy and rotate any part of the model without worrying about duplication
  • Powerful sub modeling feature for assembling complex structures with duplicate components
  • Option to delete multiple submodels simultaneously
  • Define an area with different elements and thicknesses
  • Print results for the whole set in one command

required system

Operating system

System: Pentium II 233 MHz
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: Thirty-two MB
Direct X: nine.0
Windows: XP, 98, Vista, 7 and 8




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Installation guide

Version 2021:

In the Readme file in the crack folder. Note that this version is provided as a Trial Reset, which means that the program remains Trial or experimental but can be reactivated every 2 months (explained in Readme). Also, the crack of this program may not include all its features.


Version 2018:

In the case of STRAP, after installing the program, there are two ways to activate it; The first way is to replace the files in the (Patched (x86) folder provided for 32-bit activation.

The second method is to use Keygen, in which you must first copy the files in the Keygen folder to the program installation location. Make sure there is no HDN extension file in the application installation location (even if hidden). Now run the colw_patched.exe file and copy the License number in the window that appears. Then run STRAP or the file filw.exe and create a document and when requesting the serial, enter the serial copied in the previous step.

This generates a license in HDN format that activates the software for 30 days with full features. After completing the 30-day period or deactivating before the end of the period, all you have to do is delete the existing HDN file and repeat the above steps.

If the FOUND module is not activated, run the Found_patched.exe file that you copied to the program installation location once and activate it with the generated License number.

The Keygen method does not work in a virtual machine.

download link

Download ATIR STRAP_2021 build 110 with BEAMD 2020 build 105 x64
Download ATIR STRAP_2018 Build 105
Download ATIR BEAMD 2018 Build 104
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