ATLAS.ti 8.4.24

ATLAS.ti 8.4.24

ATLAS ti is a powerful product for quality research. We live in an age of information explosion. Data complexity is much greater today than ever before. Scientific and research organizations, business owners and other big businessmen are no longer comfortable with a few numbers and figures. Nowadays, more than digitizing data, more than visualizing data, it seeks holistic analyzes and interpretations, which are often referred to in statistical science as qualitative research. Qualitative researchers seek holistic and futuristic interpretations. In this branch of science, all numerical values ​​are intertwined. This is not about individual variables and one-dimensionality.

Here all the dimensions are seen together. Facts in qualitative research are indivisible and cannot be achieved without a holistic view of the components. Qualitative research is sometimes defined as a case study that focuses on cases rather than different communities and examples. There are several tools for quantitative research, but there are few tools in the field of qualitative research, one of the best in this field is ATLAS ti software. This program aims to systematize the process of analyzing complex and unstructured data. In this program, data such as text, multimedia, and geographic and spatial data are entered, and the program tries to extract structured and organized data from a mass of unstructured information by providing various capabilities.

Other features of this software;

This program allows you to see information that you might not be able to view normally and with a little research. The program is able to prioritize the extracted data, weight them and beautifully display the relationship between this data through graphic techniques. This program is used by researchers in various fields including sociology, art, architecture, communication, criminology, economics, educational sciences, engineering, anthropological studies, management studies, marketing, quality management and.. ATLAS ti holds all your documents and information, including notes, audio files, images, videos, and more.

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