Atlassian Suite 2020

Atlassian Suite 2020

Atlassian is a software group of companies that develop products for software developers and project managers. Atlassian categorizes software for developers and project managers into six categories: project and issue tracking software, collaboration and content sharing, DVCS, code quality, plugins, and training products.

Features and specifications of the Atlassian collection:

  • Portfolio planning: View all teams and projects with Portfolio for JIRA, realistic roadmap forecasting, team resource management and tracking progress with real-time scheduling
  • Powerful Editor: A tool for creating meeting notes, project schedules and required products using Confluence
  • File collaboration: Get feedback directly on files in Confluence
  • Content and user access: Secure maintenance of the site and content using granular permissions
  • Blogs and discussions: Share news and announcements across the company and have active discussions with comments
  • Extension of flexible models: hosting on cloud servers and personal servers
  • Diff tool: Understand what is changing in your code
  • Code Search: Search among codes using filenames

Installation guide

Available in the text file included with the software.

Activator Atlassian Agent

file password link

download link

Download Atlassian Agent 1.2.3

Support almost any version:

JIRA Software
JIRA Service Desk
JIRA plugin: Capture
JIRA plugin: Training
JIRA plugin: Portfolio
Confluence plugin: Questions
Confluence plugin: Team Calendars
Third party plugins

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