Atlassian Suite 2021 Free Download

Atlassian Suite 2021 Free Download


Atlassian is a software group of companies that develop products for software developers and project managers. Atlassian puts software developers and project managers in six categories: project and issue tracking software, collaboration and content sharing, DVCS, code quality, plugins, and training products.


Features and specifications of the Atlassian collection:

  • Portfolio planning: View all teams and projects with Portfolio for JIRA, forecast realistic roadmap, manage team resources, and track progress with real-time scheduling
  • Powerful Editor: A tool for creating meeting notes, project plans, and required products using Confluence
  • File collaboration: Get feedback directly on files in Confluence
  • Content and user access: Secure maintenance of the site and content using granular permissions
  • Blogs and discussions: Share news and announcements across the company and have active discussions with comments
  • Extension of flexible models: hosting on cloud servers and personal servers
  • Diff tool: Understand what is changing in your code
  • Code Search: Search among codes using filenames


The Atlassian package includes the following software:







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required system

Operating System

Microsoft Windows


Apple Mac OS X


CPU: 1.8GHz or higher
RAM: 1GB minimum, 2GB will provide performance
Monitor: Minimum screen resolution of 1024 × 768


HSQLDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server

Web browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox




Installation guide

Listed in the Readme file.

To install and activate Atlassian 2021 products, use the Atlassian Agent crack and the guide in the Readme file. (This guide is written for Jira and Jira Core but can be used for all 2021 products with a slight change (in-service name, installation address, tomcat version, software code, and port))

Install Jira (Jira Software) and Jira Core with KeyMaker 2019-1 (this crack is compatible with 2019 Atlassian products):

Install the program but do not run it. Launch the Task Manager, and from the Services tab, stop the Jira service if it is running, by right-clicking>> stop. From the search menu, search and run environment varibales. Then in the user variables section, click new, enter JIRA_HOME for name and jira-intallation-directory \ atlassian-jira \ WEB-INF \ classes for value. jira-intallation-directory is where the software is installed on your system. If installed in the default path, this value will be as follows:

C: \ Program Files \ Atlassian \ JIRA \ atlassian-jira \ WEB-INF \ classes

Copy the dvt-AtlassianKeyMaker.jar file contained in the Atlassian KeyMaker 2019-1 pack to the software installation path. From the search menu, search cmd and run it in Run as administrator mode. Using the cd jira-intallation-directory command, go to the software installation path. jira-intallation-directory is where the software is installed on your system. If installed in the default path, this command will be as follows:

cd C: \ Program Files \ Atlassian \ Jira

Now run the Keymaker file using the java -jar dvt-AtlassianKeyMaker.jar command (to run this file, the JRE must be installed on your system). In Keymaker, first select Jira Software (Server): Enterprise or Jira Core (Server): Enterprise from the first menu (software), then click on Patch, go to the software installation path and click open and wait To display the phrase Patching Done.

Now from the search menu, search for Start Jira and run it. Then go to localhost: 8080 on the browser page (if this page does not open for you, try again in a few minutes, you can also restart the Jira service via task manager -> services tab and also Windows startup) . In the browser window, select the option I’ll set it up myself and follow the steps.

In the license application step, enter the front value of the Server ID in Keymaker, click Generate and Copy, and enter the serial in Jira. The software is now ready to use.

Jira 8.1 (Jira Software) version was installed on Windows 10, 64-bit version on December 16, 1400, and was successfully activated using the KeyMaker 2019-1 crack.

download link

Download Atlassian Agent 1.3.1

Support almost any version, including 8.0:

JIRA Software
JIRA Service Desk
JIRA plugin: Capture
JIRA plugin: Training
JIRA plugin: Portfolio
Confluence plugin: Questions
Confluence plugin: Team Calendars
Third-party plugins

Download Atlassian KeyMaker 2019-1
Download Atlassian JIRA 8.1 x64 New Crack

2021 Atlassian Suite

Download Atlassian Jira (Software) 8.21.0 x64
Download Atlassian Jira Core 8.21.0 x64
Download Atlassian Bamboo 8.1.1 x64
Download Atlassian Bitbucket 7.19.2 x64
Download Atlassian Confluence 7.15.0 x64
Download Atlassian Crucible 4.8.8 x64
Download Atlassian Fisheye 4.8.8 x64
Download Atlassian ServiceDesk 4.21.0 x64
Download SourceTreeSetup 3.4.7

2019 Atlassian Suite

Download Atlassian Jira 8.1 x64
Download atlassian_bamboo-6.8.1-windows-x64
Download atlassian_bitbucket-6.3.0-x64
Download atlassian_confluence-6.15.4-x64
Download atlassian_crucible-4.7.0-x64
Download atlassian_fisheye-4.7.0-x64
Download atlassian_jira-core-8.1.0-x64
Download atlassian_servicedesk-4.1.0-x64
Download SourceTreeSetup-3.1.2
Download Atlassian_Confluence_Enterprise_6.14.0_x64
Download Atlassian_Jira_Software_Enterprise_7.13.1_x86
Download Atlassian_Jira_Software_Enterprise_7.13.1_x64
Download Bamboo 5.8.1 x86
Download Bamboo 5.8.1 x64
Download Confluence 5.7.4 x86
Download Confluence 5.7.4 x64
Download Crucible 3.8.0 x86
Download Crucible 3.8.0 x64
Download FishEye 3.8.0 x86
Download FishEye 3.8.0 x64
Download JIRA 6.4.4 x86
Download JIRA 6.4.4 x64
Download Atlassian Crowd 2.8.2 MultiOS
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