Atom text editor 1.53.0 Win / macOS / Linux

Atom text editor 1.53.0 Win / macOS / Linux


Atom is the name of a powerful and modern code editor developed by GateHub. This code editor has been published for free for various platforms and has been able to attract the attention of many programmers and developers. One of the main features of Atom Code Editor is the ability to do group coding. You can use this editor for coding projects simultaneously with your friends and colleagues. The capabilities of group projects are well integrated into Atom Editor and you can move your projects forward well.

Using Atom software will bring you benefits. When you use the Atom Code Editor to code your projects, you will be directly connected to the world of Git and GitHub. On the other hand, you can easily add a bunch of programming and development packages of your choice to this code editor. These capabilities in a very beautiful user environment will make you go to a great environment to code and do your work.

Also, Atom Code Editor, like some smart code editors, has a good auto-completion feature. This feature helps you code faster and better for you. Also, how to access your project files is well possible and editing between windows will be easy.

Atom Features and Features

  • Benefit from a very modern user interface for coding
  • Can be used on different platforms
  • Ability to search and install a variety of programming packages
  • Take advantage of the ability to quickly complete your code
  • Take advantage of a very powerful search engine to search your code
  • Ability to customize the software environment depending on your taste

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required system

Atom System Requirements

Operating Systems
macOS 10.9 or later, Windows 7 and later, and Linux

Installation guide

This software is provided as open-source and free.

download link

Download At_om text editor 1.53.0 x86
Download At_om text editor 1.53.0 x64
Download At_om_text_editor_1.53.0_macOS
Download At_om_text_editor_1.53.0_Linux
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