Atomineer Pro Documentation VS 2015-2019

Atomineer Pro Documentation VS 2015-2019

Atomineer is a unique extension or plugin for XML Documentation in Visual Studio. If you are a .NET programmer, you have definitely referred to the .NET documentation, MSDN. Have you noticed that msdn is formed under a specific and regular format? List of methods? parameters? Names of methods, classes and…. All links are automatically linked to each other. When you search for a method name in msdn, all its overloads are displayed. This regular structure is the result of the correct code documentation by XML Documentation. When you slash the character (ie ///) three times at the beginning of a class or method, a special form of comment is created in which you can enter the method name, input and output parameters, type of parameters, extensions, and so on.

If you have the opportunity and do all this documentation carefully and according to the Microsoft guide. Later you can use tools to document your code like msdn and share it with others. But since filling in these fields is time consuming, various programs such as Ghost Doc and Atomineer have been introduced, and here we are going to introduce the efficient Atomineer tool. This extension has many features that help you minimize your comment.

The program intelligently understands your code and completes the various parts of the comment accordingly. You can see the final output of the document in an instant, which is very useful in learning as well as recognizing the optimal output. Programming is knowledge based on order and principles, even in writing comments, we can observe points such as distances, indentations and… beautiful comments so that the code does not look slutty. This program generates the comments that are very regular and elegant, and you fill in only the necessary parts. This program helps you a lot in naming, formatting and coding standards and significantly increases the speed of document writing, especially if you are a document documenter and you are sensitive to the principles and rules!

Features of Atomineer plugin:

  •  Create xml documentation with various templates of Doxygen, Qt, Javadak and other popular templates
  • Static analysis of code and change of different parts of the code
  • Automate most of the code commenting process
  • Increase the readability of comments with regular and beautiful templates
  • Ability to create header comments for all files in a project
  • Compatible with all .NET languages ​​in Visual Studio
  • Compatible with different versions of Visual Studio VS 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015
  • Copy to clipboard without tampering with the template for copying to other programs such as Word

Installation guide

This plugin is usually released as cracked.

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