Atozed CrossTalk 2.0.20 Retail

Atozed CrossTalk 2.0.20 Retail

Atozed CrossTalk is a library for Delphi programmers that can use .NET code and libraries in Delphi applications. This library is designed to make using .NET code in Delphi applications as simple and easy as adding Delphi packages. You can enter your desired classes such as C # and Visual Basic into Delphi code and enjoy its benefits. You do not need any additional .NET libraries to do this, and you will not even need special settings in the registry or COM.

This library has a 64-bit version that will show the maximum capability for 64-bit systems. It also supports VCRT 14. This library has been tested with a variety of tests before being presented and there are almost no specific bugs in it. Atozed CrossTalk has not hesitated in areas that require code optimization and has changed the .NET code to a better or more appropriate way to perform better in Delphi. Currently, version two of this product supports the new version of .NET, 4.6.1, and Delphi programmers can benefit from its capabilities in Delphi code along with .NET developments.

Features and Features of Atozed CrossTalk:

  •  Support for 64-bit systems
  • Boxing support
  • Support for basic .NET types such as int, byte, bool, string and…
  • VCRT 14 support
  • Support for the latest .NET version 4.6.1
  • High speed and efficiency

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file.

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