Pay attention to these 5 points when cleaning the phone

cleaning the phone
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cleaning the phone

Disinfecting and cleaning the phone, like washing hands, is one of the most important things to prevent the spread of viruses, especially the Corona virus, but when disinfecting your mobile phone, you should pay attention to these 5 important points so that it is not damaged.

Cleaning and disinfecting cell phones has become a habit every time you enter your home or office. A habit that, like washing hands, should continue even after the epidemic has subsided and the condition has returned to normal. The fact is that the screen of smartphones is a place where a lot of bacteria and viruses accumulate and can cause dangerous diseases.

Viruses can survive on plastic or metal surfaces for two or three days, according to research conducted at the Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control Unit at Samsung Medical Center . That’s why cleaning and disinfecting smartphones is essential to keeping users healthy.

Cleaning smartphones, however, has sensitivities and details that, if not done properly, can cause a lot of damage to the components of the phone. Here are five things to keep in mind when cleaning your phone.

5 important points when cleaning the phone

Wash hands

Before disinfecting the phone, make sure the handles are clean. Forgetting to wash your hands is something that is likely to happen to many. New strategies can be used to prevent its recurrence. For example, Samsung’s Hand Wash app, which reminds users of scheduled and regular hand washing during the day. The Hand Wash app has been launched with the aim of encouraging everyone to wash their hands regularly for Samsung wearable devices.

This application has a warning section in which the user can select the reminder when washing the handles. For example, you can set an alarm for washing your hands every two hours. The number of alerts specified by the user becomes the target number in the application dashboard.

Do not spray alcohol on the phone

The first thing to consider when cleaning your phone is to avoid direct contact of the phone screen with alcohol or disinfectant solution. The use of cleaners and solutions for surfaces, in the form of direct spraying on the phone, increases the likelihood of damage to the phone.

One of the first possible injuries is the loss of the oleophobic layer of the phone. The oleophobic layer prevents the absorption of fingerprints and fat into the body and screen of the phone. This layer is highly sensitive to alcohol and cleaners and is ineffective due to gradual and excessive contact with these solutions.

In addition, direct use of alcohol or other cleaners can damage the speakers and ports.

Another risk of spraying alcohol and disinfectants directly on the phone is the risk of fire due to contact of flammable materials with the body of the phone, which may be caused by overcharging or overheating of the heated battery.

Use microfiber cloth

 Cleaning the phone

Contact of the phone with contaminated surfaces causes the accumulation of viruses and bacteria on the body and especially the screen of the phone. In such cases, it is necessary to use an indirect method of disinfecting the phone instead of spraying alcohol on the screen. Use a microfiber cloth to do this. By spraying a small amount of distilled water or alcohol (containing 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol) on a microfiber cloth, you can clean and disinfect the phone in a safe and hygienic way.

Also, to prevent scratches and scratches on the screen of the phone, it is better to use a glasses cleaning cloth or mobile phone screen that is impregnated with a special screen cleaner.

From the beginning of October, Samsung Iran Company has started a plan for free updates of mobile phones. In this plan, in addition to updating the operating system of the phone, hygienic packages including disinfectant solution, solution for cleaning mobile screens, special cloth for cleaning screens, gloves, and The three-layer mask is given to the clients.

Do not forget the accessories

 Cleaning the phone

Phone accessories such as cases, headphones, chargers, and phones are equally susceptible to viruses and bacteria and need to be cleaned. Some users may forget to clean the phone after this and leave the accessories alone, which can increase the risk of infection. Therefore, every time you clean the phone, clean other accessories such as the case and headphones and به with alcohol.

If you are using a smartwatch, disinfect the watch display using the same microfiber cloth.

Reduce the risk of getting the disease

Using smartphones has become a habit, and many times we subconsciously take them out of our pockets and work on their apps and games. This happens even in public or unsanitary places that are full of viruses and bacteria. To reduce the risk of getting the disease as much as possible, it is better to quit this habit and use your smartphone only after washing your hands with soap and water.

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