Get online meetings with a more attractive face with Lenovo’s Smart Appearance app

Smart Appearance
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Lenovo’s  Smart Appearance  app

For those users who believe that facial features can influence the business negotiation process and even boost their self-confidence, Lenovo has come up with an interesting solution that helps users attend online meetings with a more beautiful and attractive face.

Lenovo’s “Smart Appearance” application helps users to show more beautiful and attractive faces when they attend online meetings through various filters and artificial intelligence-based systems.

This solution is very suitable for online meetings and video conferencing and can show a more beautiful face of the person by crystallizing the background, using different filters and with the help of features based on artificial intelligence. This application can even solve some appearance problems on the face, such as the distance between the eyes close to each other or too short and too long forehead. Sometimes a seemingly small change in a person’s face can have a big impact on their appearance, and Lenovo has taken this into account in its application.

After installing the application, users can make changes with a special elegance in their face with the help of settings and selecting the appropriate filters of the program, and attend online meetings with a more attractive appearance.

Currently, users of Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen2i, ThinkBook 13xi, ThinkBook 14p Gen 2 and Drain Hight Thinkbook 16p Gen 2 can use this application to hold online meetings.

Although this application can make changes in people’s faces with a certain elegance, but it will not make fundamental changes and in general it does not change the real face of a person in a way that shows a completely different face. Rather, it can display a more beautiful face of users with minor and efficient changes.

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