Auto Power-on & Shut-down 2.84

Auto Poweron & Shutdown Due to the limited volume of traffic services of high-speed Internet service companies and the possibility of free use of night traffic in some services, users naturally turned to night downloads. Since the start of the free night service is at midnight, either the computer must be turned on by then or the user must turn on the computer at that time. Also, if you plan to travel, turning on the computer completely is the only way; But Auto Power-on & Shut-down software offers a better and easier way. With this small and useful software, you can easily determine and automate the time your computer turns on and off.

Features and specifications of Auto Poweron & Shutdown software:

– Ability to turn the computer on and off at any time

– Scheduling at different intervals daily, weekly, once a month and…

– Support for Restart, Log off, Standby or Sleep, Hibernate, Lock and ‌ modes.

– Ability to specify a specific mouse or key from the keyboard to perform the desired operation

– Schedule backup tasks, clean windows, run custom software, and…

– Receive the world clock and set the exact time of the operation

– Password for the program

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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