Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2021.0.1 x64

Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2021.0.1 x64

Another piece of software developed on the AutoCAD platform is the Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical program, which, as its name implies, includes tools and additional features for designing mechanical parts, in addition to the usual features of the AutoCAD software. This software provides a comprehensive library of components as well as complete tools based on mechanical design standards.

Features and specifications of Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical software :

– Fast learning and use due to the familiar environment of AutoCAD software

– Design and modeling of various mechanical parts

– Creating accurate dimensions of mechanical models intelligently

– Has a library of more than 700,000 pieces and standard capabilities with the possibility of adding custom pieces to it

– Ability to update and harmonize parts with the latest standards

Possibility of Synergy for Mechanical Engineering

– Ability to analyze the design

– Having the facilities of drafting, documenting, annotating, reporting and sharing projects

– Has a content browser section to quickly find the required content

– New possibility to support 3D CAD models

– Compatibility with other AutoCAD suite programs as well as common mechanical design software

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