Autodesk Inventor CAM (HSM) Ultimate 2020.2 x64

Autodesk Inventor CAM (HSM) Ultimate 2020.2 x64

Inventor CAM, formerly known as Inventor HSM, is a powerful product from the powerful Autodesk company, an integrated and comprehensive software solution in the field of CAD / CAM in the field of mechanical components design, which is an add-on to Inventor software while providing all modeling and simulation capabilities. This program helps designers, engineers and CNC programmers to turn their designs into machine parts directly and more quickly.

Using Inventor CAM, you have all the advantages of toolpath design (cutting line) in 2.5D, 3D, 3 + 2, and 5-axis models for better performance and performance. One of the features of this software is that you can view the output of the toolpaths you created using the simulation and BackPlot feature. This software provides engineers with many possibilities while covering a large number of CNC machines from simple to advanced, which makes the machining and cutting time reach its minimum and ultimately increases productivity. HSM stands for High Speed ​​Machining. At present, this software is widely used in various industries due to its perfect performance, including automobile manufacturing, mold design, industrial parts design, and so on.

Features and specifications of Inventor CAM – HSM software:

  • All the features of Inventor software
  • 5-axis and multi-axis operation
  • 3D toolpaths, skewed and oblique
  • Ability to find optimal cutting paths
  • Read, write and convert GIS and CAD data to a wide range of formats
  • Simulate toolpaths in a variety of ways
  • Ability to use special codes and functions of different types of CNCs and the ability to compare them with each other
  • Advanced analytical calculation tools such as sizes and distances, physical details and even estimated machining time
  • Supports 3-axis milling and 2 + 3 positioning
  • Improve productivity by supporting older methods

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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Download Autodesk Inventor CAM Ultimate 2020 x64 Multilanguage

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Download Autodesk Inventor HSM Ultimate 2019.3.1 Build x64 Multilanguage

Download Autodesk Inventor HSM_2018.3.2 R4.2 Build x64

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