Autodesk OrthoMODEL Pro 2016 SP4 x64

Autodesk OrthoMODEL Pro 2016 SP4 x64

Autodesk OrthoMODEL is a software for designing and modeling a variety of orthopedic devices made by Otodesk. Orthopedic devices are a type of rehabilitation product that are created to solve problems related to bones and joints. This software helps medical engineers and scientists to design orthopedic products faster than ever. Traditionally, engineers had to use special plaster and paste to shape the limbs of patients so that they could simulate the equipment needed. But Autodesk OrthoMODEL software has replaced digital production technology with traditional methods.

This software can first check the patient’s body scan and finally send the final model to the CNC machine . Autodesk OrthoMODEL also allows you to enter patient information, edit and analyze results, send orders to the lab online, reshape models, and insert a variety of roles on products.

Features and specifications of Autodesk OrthoMODEL software:

  • Determine the size of the workpiece
  • Scan members and analyze results
  • Simulation and simulation of process results
  • Ability to edit models and insert roles and text
  • Send the final model to work on the CNC machine

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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