Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2021 x64

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking 2021 x64

Autodesk Vehicle Tracking is a specialized program for simulating and predicting the movements of vehicles on the road. In fact, what this software does is simulate the behavior and movement of the car on a variety of winding roads and paths. The program tests the behavior of the vehicle in critical situations such as various road slopes, road width reduction, bumps and دست. This information will be multi-purpose. For example, car designers with the help of this program can measure the weaknesses and stability of their vehicle and if there are major problems in the structure of the car to take action to solve these problems.

Governments can review the condition of various roads in the discussion of road safety, according to the analysis provided by this program, and take appropriate corrective action if the road is unsafe or unsuitable. Using this program in a simple environment, you can create a variety of road conditions without restrictions and by moving a variety of vehicles with different physical characteristics to analyze and study these conditions. The program is able to calculate various calculations related to acceleration, displacement, pressure on the car and other possible items with appropriate estimates. This software is fully integrated with AutoCAD and micro-station environments and several other engineering software and can exchange information with them. Using Autodesk Vehicle Tracking will definitely have many benefits for engineers, designers, mapping engineers and governments. The slightest advantage of this program is better project forecasting and increased work efficiency.

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