Aveni LoopCAD MJ8 Edition 2014 v5.0.1080

Aveni LoopCAD MJ8 Edition 2014 v5.0.1080

LoopCAD is an advanced and ideal software for designing maps and calculations related to radiant heating systems. Although this program can be used for all types of heating systems such as ceiling radiation, wall heating, gas appliances, patio heaters and other types of radiant heating systems, but one of the most important users of this program in preparing maps and calculations related to underfloor heating systems Is. This program can be used for three types of underfloor heating mechanisms including air, electric and hydronic. In the process of designing the map of these systems, you will need to perform various calculations. Doing these calculations manually may not be wise because you will have a lot of work to do again.

For example, if you make a small mistake, you should resume all your calculations. LoopCAD software solves this problem for us. This program calculates the main parameters and factors of underfloor heating systems and other radiation systems. In addition to performing calculations, you can also see a graphical view of how the map is implemented. This gives the engineers a good visual view before starting the actual operation. In fact, this program is an essential tool for designing, calculating and analyzing radiant heating systems, which has specific applications specifically for a specific category of these systems, namely underfloor heating.

This software also provides you with the latest advanced computing technology, the possibility of various calculations such as heat calculation, calculation of integrated cooling systems, necessary calculations in hydraulic systems, etc.

In addition to the application of underfloor heating systems calculations, you can use this program to analyze and review the designed systems. It should also be noted that the design tools in this software are prepared in such a way that users can perform their designs perfectly and according to the standards in the design of heating systems.

Table of Contents

Features and specifications of LoopCAD software:

  • Easy design and automatic calculation of necessary factors in underfloor heating systems
  • Ability to import pdf, AutoCAD and jpg images
  • Automatic production of map communication circuits
  • Ability to freely design connections
  • Perform hydraulic calculations based on manual inputs or thermal loads
  • 3D view of designed map
  • Support for OEM plugins to make the materials used in the design realistic
  • Possibility of designing a heating system for residential unit plans
  • Benefit from the ability to manually design the plan of a residential unit
  • Full compatibility in the installation of heating systems by OEM method
  • Automatic design of patterns you need in the design of underfloor heating systems
  • The most advanced heating system calculations are easily possible
  • Ability to calculate heat loss, cooling load and hydraulic systems
  • Ability to output from the project in two-dimensional and three-dimensional modes

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack‌ folder to the software installation location.

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