BackToCAD Print2CAD 2021 v21.64 x64

Print2CAD BackToCAD is an efficient tool for converting maps and PDF designers to editable DWG and DXF files and vice versa. These files are easily editable in CAD software such as AutoCAD and Intel Code. This software is a standalone application and does not depend on any CAD software. This program is just as good at converting pdf files to DWG / DXF as it is. In addition, you can easily convert DWG / DXF files to other image formats such as TIFF / JPEG and..

It can also convert HPGL files to DWG / DXF format. This software uses Autodesk TrustedDWG technology and its work in conversion is unparalleled, the output files are 100% compatible with Autodesk products. This tool is also capable of OCR texts. Text extracted from images and PDF files are added to the output in an editable format. The program uses English and German languages ​​with different units of measurement.

The application environment is simple and the conversion process goes step by step with the wizards. At each stage, the necessary information will be provided to you. Based on this information, you will make the desired settings and finally you will receive quality output. To use this program properly, 28 different video clips are provided with it, and by watching them, you will learn different conversion scenarios. It should also be noted that this software detects layers when converting PDF files and is able to separate them. Geometric shapes such as circles and arcs are also well recognized and converted to CAD equivalent in DWG / DXF formats.

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In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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