Barberry has 6 cardiac, intestinal, liver and gallbladder properties

Barberry has 6 cardiac, intestinal, liver and gallbladder properties



How would you feel if I told you that there is a plant that can improve heart health, cleanse the gut and liver, or even prevent diabetes and cancer ? Not excited? Of course you are excited. We all look for such a miracle plant in our life.

This plant is the same barberry that we use in our food. Barberry medicines have been used for more than 2,500 years to treat a variety of conditions.

Now the question is why is barberry so important? Studies have shown that this plant can prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the gut and help the immune system to function better.

Additionally, barberry extract has many positive effects on the cardiovascular and nervous system. For example, it can treat high blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, and neurological disorders such as epilepsy and seizures.

Various studies show that  barberry has  powerful  antioxidant properties and  can even prevent certain types of cancer. Recent studies show that barberry has a wide range of health benefits and can help them stay healthy.

6 properties of red barberry

1- Facing Bacteria:


Various studies show that the  berberine found in barberry can have remarkable anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. By reducing the ability of bacteria to attach to human cells, it can fight many infections. Barberry is used to relieve a wide variety of infections in the body. Helps treat bladder, urinary and digestive tract infections . Barberry also helps  relieve sore throats, nasal congestion, sinusitis, and bronchitis.

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2- Helps the digestive system:


Berberine in barberry  acts on the soft muscles in the intestine and aids digestion and soothes stomach and intestinal pain. Barberry can help  treat diarrhea  such as traveler’s diarrhea and diarrhea caused by food poisoning. Studies show that this plant can treat digestive problems faster than antibiotics. One study showed that berberine relieved bacterial diarrhea without causing any negative side effects.

3- Prevention and treatment of diabetes:


Barberry has many proven positive effects on blood sugar and can counterbalance this. One study compared berberine to 500 mg of the compound two or three times a day with  metformin, a drug used  for diabetes.

Berberine was able to control blood sugar and lipid metabolism like metformin . Other studies have shown that berberine can improve fat and glucose metabolism. A study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that berberine can improve insulin sensitivity   .

4- Improve heart health:


When it comes to heart health, the healing properties of various types of barberry can call attention to themselves. This plant will be beneficial in improving high blood pressure, heart disease, irregular heartbeat, and other heart problems.

Atrial only Winnie is the  heart beat irregular and fast often , which impedes the flow  of blood and blood circulation  . Alternative therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, biofeedback, and the use of herbal supplements like barberry can help treat this disease.

A 2015 study found that the active barberry in barberry stimulates biochemical activity in the heart, which improves atrial fibrillation.

This study concluded that berberine acts as a Class IA or III antiarrhythmic agent but that its benefits in atrial fibrillation have not been systematically studied in human clinical trials. Therefore, its acceptance in the treatment of atrial fibrillation is limited. Barberry can reduce the density and density of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, which is good for overall heart health.

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5- Fight metabolic syndrome :

Metabolic syndrome is a metabolic disorder that involves a combination of three or more health problems. These problems include abdominal obesity, high blood sugar, high triglyceride levels, high blood pressure or low levels of good cholesterol.

 One study conducted in 2014 in Iran  examined the effect of supplements containing barberry  on patients with metabolic syndrome.

This study looked at PABs, which are a group of S-factors that can enhance and control oxidative stress. PAB may be associated with risk factors for coronary heart disease.

Oxidative stress is the imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to eliminate them. Therefore, the lower the oxidative stress and PAB, the better.

In this particular study, 106 patients with metabolic syndrome were randomly divided into two groups: a condition group and a control group. The case group received three capsules of barberry and the control group received three capsules of placebo for 6 weeks. A significant decrease in PAB was observed in the group that consumed barberry. This was while there was no significant change in the control group.

These studies show that barberry supplementation can reduce oxidative stress. For people with metabolic syndrome, taking supplements containing this plant can reduce the oxidative load and this is the main way to combat metabolic syndrome.

6- Cleansing the liver and gallbladder:


As you know, the liver cleans the blood and produces bile, which is necessary for digesting fats, breaking down hormones, and storing vitamins, minerals and iron. The main function of the gallbladder is to store cholesterol-rich bile, which is excreted by the liver. Bile helps the body digest fatty foods.

Barberry can be very effective at  cleansing the liver and gallbladder. The berberine in this plant helps release bile, acts as a mild laxative, and regulates digestion and digestion. Berberine’s ability to aid bile secretion is key.

Excess products can leave the body through excretion of bile. However, this secretion can be disrupted by various factors such as poor  nutrition  . Barberry can be an excellent component of liver and gallbladder health by increasing the excretion of bile.