Barcode Scanner application with 10 million downloads has malicious ads!

Barcode Scanner
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Barcode Scanner, one of the most popular Android apps with more than 10 million installations, was removed from the Play Store due to malicious ads.A recent report by Malwarebytes shows that the Barcode Scanner app, which can scan QR codes and barcodes, is full of adware and has therefore been removed from the Google Play Store. This program has actually been transformed into another application with the same application after the update, but it contains malicious advertising tools.

The latest update of this application contains a trojan that can run the web browsers of the user’s device and runs a site that displays malicious pop-ups. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post, but the good news is that Google has removed it from the Play Store as part of its Play Pass security program. It is amazing how this Android app with more than 10 million downloads has worked in the Play Store so far and suddenly became a malware after an update.

Barcode Scanner application

The worrying aspect here is the sheer volume of barcode scanner app downloads. This application runs a web page in the background of the device without the user’s permission when it infects the user’s device, which will cause problems. So if you have already installed this app on your phone, you should uninstall it from your device right now.

It should be noted that the developer of this application is still publishing its applications in the Play Store, and its applications can still be seen in the Google Store. It’s unclear whether the developer’s other programs, called Lavabird Ltd, will one day become infected with this adware!

If you need an app to replace the barcode scanner app, we recommend trying Google Lens . This app contains a collection of apps that you may never have known.

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