Basic for IOS B4i 2.5

Basic for IOS B4i 2.5

Basic for iOS B4i is a set of native iOS application development tools. Basic for IOS B4i software allows you to easily build and develop iOS software. b4i follows the concepts of b4a code for programming the Android operating system, which allows you to re-use the code to build applications for both operating systems, ie iOS and Android.

Basic4Ios is a popular tool for developing iOS apps. This software, like another company product called B4A, which is for the production of Android applications, is one of the simple and fast ways to develop various applications on the iOS platform. The programming language of this program is also basic, which is simply famous. Due to the common framework provided, most of the code you write in B4i can be used in other company products, such as B4A, which means that you can provide a private application on different platforms with minimal effort.

According to the manufacturer Basic4Ios, this program is the only software that allows you to write native applications for iOS without having a Mac computer. Basic4Ios products are of high quality and you will not feel any difference when running applications developed by Apple’s official methods. Anywhere Software The maker of this product released the first version of B4i to the public in 2014 and has been very popular so far.

In fact, the company has made the development of Android, iOS, Java and Arduino applications easier and more attractive for programmers by providing a suitable framework called B4X. The company has sought to use BASIC-like language to develop applications on a variety of platforms, which simplifies the development process and largely fulfills the desire for multi-platform development. All IDEs provided by this company have a suitable user interface that makes the graphical interface design of applications much easier than before.

Table of Contents

Features for Basic for IOS B4i:

  • Programming in a simple environment (Visual Studio) such as b4a
  • Ability to run written programs
  • Support for iOS 7 and above
  • Reuse the code written in the B4A program
  • Compile the program in 32-bit and 64-bit

List of modules in this collection:

  • AnotherDatePicker
  • CustomListView
  • DateUtils
  • DBRequestManager (RDC)
  • DBUtils
  • Geodesic
  • HttpUtils2
  • Table
  • AsyncStreamsObject
  • SearchView
  • RichString

List of libraries in this collection:

Collections, Core, Drawing, Files, iAd, iAdMob, iAnalytics, iArchiver, iBarcode, iBLE, iChartboost, iDesigner, iDropboxSync, iEncryption, iGoogleMaps, iHttp, iHUD, iJSON, iLeadbolt, iLeadbolt, iLeadbolt, iLeadbolt iRandomAccessFile, iReleaseLogger, iSideMenu, iSQL, iStore, iStringUtils, iSVG, iUI8, iWebSocket, iXmlBuilder, iXmlSax, Media Player, Regular Expressions, Views

What do you need before installing b4i software:

  • Install Java SDK (for free)
  • Installing Mac OS by Virtual Machines (VMware or Virtulabox)
  • Install Basi4i-Bridge application on the device (for free)
  • Use Mac builder to run built-in applications

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file inside the License folder.

Version 2.5 was installed and successfully activated on January 10, 1995 in 64-bit Windows 10.

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Download Basic for IOS (B4i) v2.3

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