BCGControlBar Professional Edition for MFC 28.0

BCGControlBar for MFC is a powerful library for building advanced user interfaces. It is very easy to work with this package and at the same time it has extraordinary capabilities. With this library you will be able to create backstage views similar to those you saw in Microsoft Office with all the details and control each of the related menus yourself. You will also be able to create Docking Panes in Visual Studio and customize its options and options as you wish. You can use BCGControlBar for MFC in all versions of your Visual Studio. Also, any version of Windows that you use can run this package.

BCGControlBar Features and Features:

  • Backstage style support like Office 2010/2013/2016
  • Has different ribbons like Office 2007/2010/2013
  • Style related to different Tiles like Windows 8
  • Menu and toolbars similar to Office
  • Docking Panes are similar to Visual Studio
  • Has different skins
  • Ability to add different calendars with different skins
  • Ability to add different types of charts
  • Has different Gauge controls
  • Has different Diagram controls
  • Has Grid and Report controls
  • Has an advanced editor with IntelliSense

Installation guide

Use the password in the password file during installation.

download link

Download BCGControlBar_Professional_Edition_for_MFC_28.0

file password link