Belkasoft Evidence Center 2020 v9.9800.4928 x64

Evidence Center is a product of Belkasoft company, an application and of course powerful software in the field of digital data analysis. The software in front of you, in fact, as an efficient program, is able to analyze digital documents in computers, mobile devices, RAM and cloud memory. You can also use this program to manage your digital data. With its accurate and perfect analysis, this software can find the information you need with high accuracy and provide it to you.

Belkasoft Evidence Center software is also able to perform all its analyzes and analyzes automatically. Support for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry operating systems has made this app cover a wide range of smart devices. This program works in such a way that less evidence will be left out. This means that the software will not leave any data by searching in unusual places and analyzing deleted and damaged data.

One of the special features of this software is its high speed in performing data analysis and management operations. The use of necessary and practical tools has made this software can meet all your needs. This program also works in a way that saves you time and effort.

Features and characteristics of Evidence Center software:

  • Very comprehensive analysis of smart devices such as computers and mobile phones
  • High precision in disk analysis for digital data retrieval
  • Automatically perform all analyzes with considerable speed
  • Can be used to analyze Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and other operating systems
  • Ability to analyze damaged or lost data
  • Significant savings in your time and effort in finding digital evidence

Installation guide

In the Readme file in the Crack folder.

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