Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (CL) / Vessel / Nozzle

Bentley AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition (CL) / Vessel / Nozzle

AutoPIPE has been the most comprehensive piping analysis software in the last twenty years in small to large global projects in the fields of electricity, oil and gas, petrochemicals, marine engineering and nuclear fields. Faster engineering piping systems are supported by core quality assurance up to ISO 9001.

Autopipe is the world leader in EPCs and provides a comprehensive and advanced software tool for pipe stress analysis. Existence of complex modeling environment and advanced analysis features of this software are provided to increase usability and improve quality control. Collaborative data collaboration can be achieved through integration with 3D and structural models and provides a conducive environment for business development.

Features and specifications of Bentley AutoPIPE:

This software was developed from the beginning as a scalable and scalable example to meet the needs of companies in industrial areas such as nuclear, fossil fuels, chemical processing plants, FPSO platforms, DNV and ASME offshore structures. , Cover fire protection systems, oil refineries, interstate gas and oil pipelines, non-metallic pipes (HDPE and FRP), construction services piping and… are active. AutoPIPE now works with organizations such as ASME, UK, Europe, Germany, Japan, China, API, NEMA, ANSI, ASCE, AISC, UBC, ISO and..

In this software, automatic intelligent pressure isometers can be easily generated and customized. Anyone on the project team can make initial design decisions, view the full model and graphic data, and perform 3D collision detection on both the Autopipe and CAD models together with the Bentley Navigator.

AutoPIPE introduces piping facilities and integrated structural analysis solutions to the market with STAAD.Pro. Build a structural model in STAAD.Pro, take it to Bentley Autopipe for more realistic plumbing integration and structural analysis, then transfer the completed piping model to Bentley STAAD in a few minutes with pipe support loads – this is the case. The concept of “round-tripping” in structural information and plumbing!

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Download AutoPIPE CONNECT Edition

Download Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel V8i SS1 MR1

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