Bentley AXSYS.Products CONNECT Edition

Bentley AXSYS.Products CONNECT Edition

AXSYS is a subset of Bentley products designed for factories and industrial units. Using this software, it is possible to model and design complex factories in two-dimensional mode. One of the outstanding features of this set is the easy change management. You make a change in any part of the designed model, this change will automatically affect other units of the system and update the information of those parts in a coordinated manner.

Another feature of this program, and probably most of Bentley’s programs, is the possibility of group collaboration on projects. Projects such as designing and modeling nuclear facilities are not usually the work of one person. Different specialties are used for different parts and the final result will be presented by a team of experts. This product has provided a suitable framework for team activities, according to which team members can work on their assigned units in an integrated environment without worrying about changes.

The program automatically manages and integrates these changes. The present product includes two software AXSYS.Process and also AXSYS.Engine. The former is used for two-dimensional modeling of industrial units such as petrochemicals, power generation units, etc., and the latter is used to design and model the map of nuclear and nuclear facilities. Both use a common, integrated framework, and professionals can develop their project without worrying about change management. We also mention that this program does not implement only the technical parts related to the factory and production lines and.. Using this program, it is possible to design office parts, control and monitoring units, and so on. Using this product will have a significant impact on accelerating the development process of your current projects.

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Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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