Bentley gINT CONNECT Edition Professional Plus (CL)

Bentley gINT CONNECT Edition Professional Plus (CL)

gINT is a comprehensive product from Bentley Systems for delivery and project management in the field of geological studies. CONNECT Edition gINT software supports hybrid computing, desktop modeling, cloud services, mobile applications, etc. GINT software uses Azure cloud services to connect users to different projects, thereby increasing speed. The analysis will take place in several designs, which Bentley calls optioneering. Depending on the role of each user in the system, Connect Edition provides a list of programs and applications related to that role, and also introduces the suggested programs for that role. gINT has the same user interface and navigation for all Windows, Android, IOS platforms. Now you can quickly and accurately examine the current state of the project by modeling and using real-world conditions to improve your designs. Enjoying flexibility in designing and documenting and even creating the most challenging multidisciplinary projects is one of the capabilities of this software product.

Features and specifications of gINT CONNECT Edition:

  • Accurate and real-world analytical modeling
  • Effective communication of software users with each other
  • Design modeling
  • Create, share and reuse content models in all projects to save time
  • Good ability in documentation
  • Analytical modeling
  • Modeling of structures
  • Manage and control data and information from several different sources
  • Linking related data together
  • Ability to create timed data fields and alert the team when faced with potential consequences
  • Secure data interchangeability
  • Increase teamwork with teamwork capabilities in gINT
  • Management settings and specifications for different parts of design, production, operators and…
  • Ability to share projects with partners
  • Delivery management, version control and RFI
  • Review the plan anytime, anywhere (desktop, mobile)
  • Ability to visualize data
  • Increase project transparency by providing various statistics, information and charts

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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Download Bentley gINT Pro Plus V8i SS2 v08.30.04.260

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