Bentley GSA + FEM v19.00.41.00

Bentley GSA + FEM v19.00.41.00

Bentley GeoStructural Analysis software provides a solution for maintaining infrastructure from Bentley, which has announced a 2014 geotechnical software update. A comprehensive integrated complex with a wide range of geotechnical and analytical challenges including drilling reinforcement, retaining walls, foundations, slope stability, tunnels and columns. Integrated modules for sharing a common workflow allow you to replace designs in accordance with industry standards and specifications. Analyzing discrete construction steps, analyzing different scenarios or evaluating analytical solutions against finite element methods are also geotechnical problems. Bentley GeoStructural Analysis software is designed by experienced engineers who understand the standards and requirements.

Features and capabilities of Bentley GeoStructural Analysis:

  • Includes drilling analysis and wall maintenance
  • GeoStructural Excavation Analysis: Designed to handle drilling and wall analysis, which is the most suitable set for small companies, which includes programs: ground pressure, sheet design and slope stability.
  • GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis: A set of tools for finite element modeling for a range of geotechnical problems including drilling, slope, tunnel and foundation beams.
  • GeoStructural Foundation Analysis: Design modules, which enable the user to quickly and easily develop complex scenarios to facilitate the design, testing, and optimization of various databases.
  • GeoStructural Retaining Wall Analysis: A range of modules for in-depth design, accurate and fracture resistant, to maintain a variety of wall structures.

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This package includes Bentley_GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.41.00 and Bentley GeoStructural Finite Element Analysis v19.00.41.00.

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