Bentley HAMMER CONNECT Edition x64

Bentley HAMMER CONNECT Edition x64

Bentley Hammer is one of the best water piping analysis and modeling software that can run MicroStation, AutoCAD and ArcGIS programs. Utilities, municipalities and engineering companies around the world have trusted this software and used it to manage and reduce risks. This software allows you to have a direct interface with WaterCAD and WaterGEMS and can import data from EPANET.

Features and specifications of Bentley HAMMER software:

  • Develop cost-effectiveness strategies
  • Prevent damage to cost infrastructure
  • Modification of construction, operation, maintenance budget
  • Wave protection device modeling
  • Minimize erosion and rupture of pipes
  • Unstable state simulation
  • Ensure the longevity of the water system
  • Prepare for failure and minimize service interruptions
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs
  • Construction and management of hydraulic models
  • Save on water system design costs with GMI SA Ingenieros Consultores
  • Improved ArcGIS software startup
  • Improved support for very large models
  • Option to reduce tube wave velocity at low pressures
  • Turbine operation when the valve is closed
  • Improved HAMMER engine

Installation guide

Available in the text file inside the Crack folder.

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Download Hammer CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02.02.06_x64

Download Bentley HAMMER V8i SS6

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