Bentley Hevacomp V8i

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Bentley Hevacomp provides an easy way to analyze the energy of a building using a dynamic simulator. Using 3D modeling in the design database, the project can be fully simulated in EnergyPlus. This software is used for all load and energy calculations of buildings and factories. Hevacomp provides an extensive climate database of over 7,000 regions worldwide for annual energy simulations. Powerful profiles and scheduling modules are available where users can set up the required devices and achievements. Factory simulation module allows engineers to easily define air conditioning systems such as heaters, hot air, heat exchanger heating and cooling systems. The package automatically launches all the required components of HVAC (air conditioning), weather networks.

Features and Features of Bentley Hevacomp:

  • Simple and intuitive input method for pipe and duct size, which enables you to define fast systems with less error
  • Access to weather materials and information to analyze construction elements
  • Use a model to quickly analyze cooling and heating load calculations such as heat loss, radiator size, shadow analysis and…
  • Accurate analysis of complex buildings and systems
  • Annual summer temperature calculations to identify the risk of overheating
  • User-defined air conditioning systems from a simple interface with graphic imitation

Installation guide

Install the installation files in order. Then apply the patch.

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