Bentley Limcon

Bentley Limcon

Bentley Limcon, formerly known as Microstran Limcon , is a steel design and bonding efficiency software. Types of connections include beam to column, end bracket, connecting sections, anchor to concrete and multi-member connecting line. Using a library of standard connection types, designers can achieve their results quickly. CAD calculations and drawings can be generated directly in the software.

Comprehensive connection types: Limcon supports a wide range of connection types. Including cuts and joints, joining components, end joints, plate base, hollow section joints, elements and stiffness.

Design considerations include the size of the steel components, the dimensions of the plate and the degree, the configuration of the doors and the welding details. The library section is available for the US, Australia, UK, Japan, China and New Zealand. Users can edit the library or create custom content using the library management section.

Features and Features of Bentley Limcon:

  • Gravity and lateral load analysis
  • In accordance with seismic conditions
  • Design, analysis of structural models
  • Design, optimize and view the details of the joints of steel structures
  • Design with international standards
  • Model of shapes of steel structures such as beams, columns, joints based on steel tables of a specific country or user-defined shapes
  • Production of structural design documentation included
  • Generate detailed two-dimensional drawings directly from the design results in the structural model
  • Complete the structural model using an extensive array of international profile databases

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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