Bentley Map Enterprise V8i SS4

Bentley Map Enterprise V8i SS4

Bentley Map is a professional software in the field of 2D and 3D mapping. Using this software, you can analyze, engineer, geo-share and create a map in a powerful environment. Work confidently with GIS quality engineering to produce quality maps and unify unequal 2D / 3D information.

Features and specifications of Bentley Map software:

  • Save time and eliminate rework by creating precision engineering, editing and mapping tools
  • Use a strong and flexible API to develop custom GIS applications
  • Data analysis with buffering tools, thematic map coverage and 3D collision detection. Perform shadow and pleasure analysis
  • Create custom GIS applications tailored to your needs. The software is designed with a considerable degree of flexibility, and has a wide custom API using C / C ++, C #, .NET and other programming languages. This kit includes extensive documentation and samples.
  • Improved interoperability by combining data in native Esri format. Connect and trade directly with the Geodatabase file
  • View and import Web Feature Service (WFS) data directly. Update access, spatial data management in Oracle space, Microsoft SQL Server and Esri file
  • Editing, maintaining and managing 3D city data, including unstructured data, geographic designs, architectural and engineering plans, and
  • Create and integrate 2D and 3D applications based on 3D simulation and data path

Installation guide

Copy, run and apply the patch file inside the Crack folder in the software installation path.

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Download Bentley_Map_Enterprise_V8i_SS4_08.11.09.503

Download Bentley_Map_V8i_SELECTSeries_4_08.11.09.503

Download Bentley_Map_V8i_SELECTseries_3_Help_English_08.11.09.107

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