Bentley Navigator V8i SS5 v08.11.09.536

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Bentley Navigator is a software for collaborating and reviewing BIM models. With this software, you can make better, faster decisions throughout the life of the project. Gaining insight into the project and operations with a clearer view of information in 3D models, fast project delivery with instant access to the latest information through an experience on each device is an important feature of this program.

Features and capabilities of Bentley Navigator:

  • Access to maps, documents and models: Browse, guide and optimize 3D models with a variety of related maps and documentation
  • Create a thematic display of your models through a query of embedded properties, better visualize and understand your models and project information
  • Move and communicate with 3D models, perform virtual tracking, review and track models and properties of embedded data
  • Search and filter models based on data properties or geometric criteria, determine model elements and embedded properties, and related information
  • Enjoy a touch interface on devices such as tablets and large screen touch devices to use the app and connect with models. Use the usual movements to rotate, zoom and pan
  • Access project information on your device of choice with support for PCs, tablets and other hybrid devices running Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Speed ​​in resolving reliable resolution by project team members,
  • Identify coordination errors and report them to the project team

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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