Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD Connect Edition

Bentley OpenFlows FLOOD Connect Edition

OpenFlows FLOOD is the name of Bentley’s engineering and specialized software in the field of flood simulation and modeling. Using this software, you will be able to reduce the risk of this phenomenon by simulating and modeling floods. A very important issue that communities face when this phenomenon occurs is flood risk management. If you can not properly assess this phenomenon, there will be very dangerous consequences for society. Risks such as human health, the environment and the economy are among those at risk.

OpenFlows FLOOD software is able to help you in very accurate simulations and modeling against events such as rain, dam breaks, rapid melting of ice and snow, coastal storms and tsunamis. As long as you use this powerful product, you can achieve fully efficient and useful solutions with initiative as well as emergency planning. Understand and reduce the risks of urban floods, rivers and coastal systems using this product.

The graphical user interface used in this software is another advantage of this product. When you use this software, you can easily perform your simulations in a graphical environment. The product in front of you also benefits from a wealth of features and practical tools in this field that can meet all your needs.

Features and specifications of OpenFlows FLOOD

  • Benefit from the graphical user interface for the convenience of the user
  • Possibility of simulation and modeling along with managing possible scenarios
  • Supports formats such as Shapefile ESRI, WKT, KML, Google Earth, etc.
  • Ability to automatically generate data from meteorological models
  • Automatic data coverage of Manning coefficients
  • Flood simulation due to heavy rainfall, dam collapse, soil saturation and so on

Installation guide

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