Bentley Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 11 v10.11.00.058 x64

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Bentley promis-e is an engineering and specialized electrical system design software. Promis.e software is the leading control system design software for demanding tasks that require electrical schematics, connection lists, panel layouts, and more. This software integrates all these functions for fast, accurate and efficient results. With the help of this program, you can do the tedious work that was done in traditional CAD-centric design automatically and reduce errors with the help of an intelligent model; And finally, promote standards and consistency with a central database of symbols, components, and patterns.

Features of Bentley promis-e:

  • Building electrical models: developing a smart model that links to the drawings and documents in your project. Using a parts database to build models and automatically generate product financial documents and reports.


  • Control design of industrial machines: design of electric panels and control connections for all kinds of industrial devices. Creating schematics, 3D layout along with Delhi wiring and termination diagrams for devices inside the room, finding the shortest path for routing wires using the panel screen and wire routing capabilities.


  • Schematic construction of wiring

required system

Minimum Profile:

Processor: Intel® or AMD® processor 1.0 GHz or greater. Promis.e is not supported on a CPU that does not support SSE2.
Memory: 16 GB minimum, 32 GB recommended. More memory almost always improves performance, particularly when working with larger models.

Hard Disk: 24 GB free disk space (which includes the 16 GB install footprint for a complete installation)
Video:See the graphics card manufacturer for the latest information on DirectX drivers. 512 MB of video RAM or higher is recommended. If insufficient video RAM or no graphics card supported by DirectX can be found, Bentley Promis.e attempts to use software emulation. For optimal performance, graphics display color depth should be set to 24-bit or higher. When using a color depth setting of 16-bit, some inconsistencies will be noted.
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher.

PicturesBentley Promis


Installation guide

Crack the program according to the contents of the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

download link

Bentley Promis.e CONNECT Edition Update 11 v10.11.00.058 x64

Download part 1 – 2 GB
Download part 2 – 2 GB
Download part 3 – 2 GB
Download part 4 – 1.75 GB

Bentley Promise.e CONNECT Edition Update 10 v10.10.00.53 x64

Download part 1 – 2 GB
Download part 2 – 2 GB
Download part 3 – 2 GB
Download part 4 – 2 GB
Download part 5 – 522 MB

Bentley promis-e V8i SS7

Download part 1 – 1 GB
Download part 2 – 191 MB
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