Bentley RAM Concept CONNECT Edition (CL) x64

Bentley RAM Concept CONNECT Edition (CL) x64

RAM Concept is Bentley’s powerful software for designing and analyzing foundations and concrete floors of buildings. Nowadays, software and computer technologies play an important role in various industries, so that even the success of some industries depends on its software parts. In the industry of construction and construction of concrete structures, various softwares are widely used. A large number of products of the well-known Bentley company have been provided for civil specialists and branches of construction, one of the most important software in this field is RAM Concept.

Using this program, specialists are able to design and analyze the structure of floors, floors, roofs. In large steel structures, such as towers with several hundred floors, the foundation and the strength and structure of the floors are very important. Depending on the type of project, this program is able to perform a variety of analyzes on any type of floor structure from reinforced concrete structures, top slabs, boat bases to double-sided slabs, post-tensioned and block joist systems. The design in this software is done according to international standards with specific codes. In this program, you can test the condition of the structure against additional loads and in critical conditions, create all kinds of artificial earthquakes, and react our field to impulses. Measure vibrations. Analysis in RAM Concept is based on the finite element method, which has been proven to be highly accurate in various industries.

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