Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition v16.07.00.248 x64

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RAM Elements is a powerful software from Bentley company for designing and analyzing 3D structures. Using this program, you can design and simulate different structures, you can perform finite element analysis in 3D. RAM Elements will make your daily design tasks easier, both in simple and complex projects and thus you will save a significant amount of time and final costs. Regardless of the complexity of the project, by using RAM Elements, you will be able to design and build structures and components of steel, concrete, cold rolled steel, wood, stone, etc. You will also be able to design retaining walls, retaining walls, tilt-up, shear walls and under walls with the help of this software.


Features and Specification of RAM Elements:

  •  Analysis of gravity and lateral load of the structure
  • Design of earthquake resistant structures
  • Design and analysis of structural models
  • Finite element design and analysis
  • Designing columns, walls and…
  • Design based on global standards
  • Accurate and detailed planning of concreting operations
  • Applying different loads and the possibility of using a combination of loads to analyze the performance of the structure under pressure
  • Modeling of steel structures
  • Production of details of concrete structures
  • The possibility of sharing and transferring structural models to different software
  • And …


required system

Processor:  Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon

operating system:  Windows Vista, XP, or higher (64 bit operating systems not fully exploited)

RAM:  1GB minimum, 2GB recommended

hard disk:  2gB available hard disk space required for analyzing models (180mB required for installation)

open gl compatible graphics card with at least 128mB in video memory 1024×768 minimum screen resolution, microsoft internet explorer 6.0 or higher, latest OS service packs and graphics card drivers always recommended, system printer correctly installed, to install the software, administrative rights are absolutely necessary


RAM Elements


Installation guide

It is given in the Readme file in the Crack folder.

There is a separate crack for version 16.01.

download link

RAM Elements CONNECT Edition V16 Update 6 v16.07.00.248 x64

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Download part 2 – 345 MB
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RAM Elements CONNECT Edition V16 Update 6 v16.06.00.187 x64

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