Bentley RAM SBeam CONNECT Edition v6.00.00.33

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RAM SBeam is a powerful and comprehensive application from Bentley For the design of steel beams (iron beams). Using one of several RAM design codes, SBeam can select the desired beam size or check the adequacy of the existing structure. This program provides fast evaluation and comparison of different beams in different loading conditions. RAM SBeam has a unique user interface for simplicity and ease of use, while providing a very powerful design feature. These results save time for the engineer and cheaper design for the customer. Bentley is a world leader in providing architects, engineers, builders and operators with comprehensive architectures and engineering software solutions to maintain infrastructure. RAM SBeam contains a subset of the design capabilities of the RAM Structural Metal Beam Design Module. The Structural RAM system includes not only the individual beams, but also the whole structure modelAutomatically calculates loads on all members (beams, columns, walls, etc.).

Features and capabilities of RAM SBeam:

  • Design and research of composite and non-composite beams
  • Open and close the flange compression
  • Shapes cast and made
  • Internal and external steel tables
  • Load diagrams, shear diagrams, moments and deviations
  • It can be run as a standalone program, or it can be run from a structured RAM system or from RAM elements
  • Cellular and hollow beams are currently produced as C-beams called SteelFab.
  • Options for specifying fy design in Eurocode

Installation guide

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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