Bentley SACS CONNECT Edition V16 v16.00.00.01
Bentley SACS

Bentley SACS CONNECT Edition V16 v16.00.00.01


Bentley SACS is a comprehensive software package that provides analysis, design, and construction services for offshore structures including gas, oil, and gasoline, wind farm platforms, and decks. Its ability to dynamically replicate designs allows users to perform advanced analyzes, adapt to the terms and conditions of marine designs, and visualize complex results.

The Bentley SACS provides marine engineers with perceptual analysis with design capabilities that improve infrastructure operational comfort, minimize risk, and ensure compliance with a wide range of infrastructures. This software is present as an expert in especially important analyzes in all offshore projects, including nonlinear structure analysis;

Dynamic response analysis by wind or curvature; Current waves, and seismic loads; Analysis for significant effects; high-level analyzes specifically for servicing accidental loads such as unforeseen air currents; Ship impact; And infrastructural or structural collapses. SACS can model tubular structures, foundations, beams, and decks as well as performs complete calculations of the wear cycle life.

In addition to software support for codes and design checks with international marine specifications, the power of Bentley SACS with the development of features such as 64-bit software capability, multiprocessor speed, and the ability to reuse data through unconditional integration increases with other Bentley products through ISM.

This feature includes MOSES for ship engineering architecture analyses such as STAAD and ProSteel, which are used in structural analysis and modeling using the Bentley Open Integrated Structural Modeling format, known as ISM.

For offshore and turbine designers, the Bentley SACS can be integrated with other software that includes GH Bladed and FAST features.


General features and specifications of Bentley SACS:

– Wave analysis

– Wind analysis

– Complete interconnected/separate analysis

Corrosion and wear analysis

– Professional static marine package

– Added nonlinear elastic capabilities

– Soil column interaction

– Advanced burnout dynamic package

– Redesign and accurate evaluation of the burn cycle life cycle factor


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Pictures of Bentley SACS

Bentley SACS


Installation guide

See the Readme.txt‌ file in the Crack folder.

When using the Patch file, be sure to check the Connect version option.

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