Bentley WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition v10.02.03.06

Bentley WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition v10.02.03.06

WaterGEMS is a more advanced version of Bentley WaterCAD software, a comprehensive tool to assist in water distribution network design and analysis decisions. This software improves your knowledge of how water distribution infrastructure behaves as a system, how this infrastructure interacts with operational strategies, and how the distribution network grows based on increasing population and increasing needs. With this program, you will have everything you need to simulate water distribution networks, analyze critical situations and energy costs in a flexible software package.

WaterGEMS offers a number of tools to increase the reliability, efficiency and endurance of the system. Using this program, it is possible to identify potential system problems, and due to the fact that realistic modeling of complex water systems, it is difficult to use the capabilities. WaterGEMS can accurately model water pumps, pump optimization strategies, and plan common operations such as shutting them down to minimize failure.

Also, when you need to replace the current water infrastructure with new ones, many of the new infrastructures will have in common with the old system, in which case it would be very tedious and repetitive to repeat these tasks. Here, too, WaterGEMS with tools such as Redesigns piping and eliminates a lot of duplication, thus speeding up engineers’ decision-making in this area.

Features and specifications of WaterGEMS software:

  • Piping system analysis and critical points
  • Ability to optimize the system to protect against heat currents
  • Ability to build and manage hydraulic models
  • Complete design of water distribution network
  • Ability to plan for the development of flushing operations
  • Ability to detect water leaks
  • Energy Management
  • Plumbing based on priorities
  • Network simulation live and in the moment

Installation guide

Available in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

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