BergSoft NextSuite 6 4.2019 (VCL), v6.3.5 Full Source

BergSoft NextSuite is a powerful component suite for Delphi and C ++ Builder. NextGrid is an easy-to-use component with understanding of methods and properties at design time (with visual column editor) and at runtime. NextGrid has the standard Delphi StringGrid and ListView features too. NextDBGrid is a powerful By Delphi Data Grid and C ++ Builder based on the popular NextGrid component.

Features and specifications of BergSoft NextSuite component set:

  • Has several types of columns to present data in different ways
  • Columns can display text, checkboxes, progress bar, date, number, image from ImageList, toolbar, HTML, graphics.
  • Handle a large number of cells without losing speed. The speed of adding, changing and deleting data does not depend on the cell value.
  • Each column contains a personal footer that may show the custom text, image, or calculation result. (SUM, AVG, DISTINCT, MIN, MAX and Count)
  • Includes a filter property that may be used for real-time filtering.
  • Includes TreeColumn, a standard column that can be added and modified as any other type of column.
  • Support for Unicode (WideString) string in cell, header and footer
  • Supports both Delphi (VCL) Visual Style (available in newer versions of Delphi) and the standard Windows theme
  • Includes many useful methods (functions and methods) such as: SaveToXML, LoadFromXML, SaveToINI / LoadFromINI, FindText, BestFitColumn

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Download BergSoft NextSuite 6 4.2019 VCL 6.3.5 Full Source

Download Bergsoft NextSuite 6 VCL 6.3.2 Full Source Feb 2019 Delpi 7-XE10.x

Download Bergsoft NextSuite 6 VCL 6.12.18 Full Source Dec 7th 2018 Delphi 7-XE10.3 Rio

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