BIMware MASTER Suite 2017

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The BIMware MASTER suite is a complete software design package based on Eurocodes standards.

MASTER EC3 Steel Connections is a specialized software for designing and developing structural connections, with which you can easily check the transmission capacity of the set you have made. The calculations and analyzes performed by this software are based on the geometry of your structure and its accuracy is very high. You can output the data analyzed and reported by this software in formats such as RTF or PDF and attach it to your project to provide complete information to the project owner. The calculations are in accordance with EUROCODE 3 (EN 1993-1-8).

There is an expanded database of common materials, profiles and connectors in this program that you can use. For connector databases, there is an XML format that you can edit. It is possible to create user-defined materials. In different situations, you can perform various analyzes for the capacity of your connections and get comprehensive information about your project. It is possible to add geometric data. You can directly enter the information found in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis directly into MASTER EC3 Steel Connections. Quick check capacity of steel joints, compatibility with Windows 8 and و. Other features of this program.

Features of BIMware MASTER EC3 Steel Connections:

  • Ability to analyze various structures very quickly
  • Check the amount of transmission capacity
  • Existence of large databases
  • Ability to define materials, by the user

Installation guide

Listed in the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder.

These versions were installed on November 28, 1996 in 64-bit Windows 10 and were successfully activated.

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Download BIMware MASTER_EC2 Reinforcement 2015 v6.0.0

Download BIMware MASTER_EC3 Steel Connections 2017 v7.0.0

Download BIMware MASTER_EC4 Composite Slabs 2016 v4.0.0

Download BIMware MASTER_EC5 Timber Connections 2014 v4.2.0.1

Download BIMware MASTER_EC7 Foundations 2016 v6.0.4

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