BITControl Aqua Designer 8.0.9

BITControl Aqua Designer 8.0.9

Aqua Designer is a software tool for designing multiple wastewater treatment plants through mechanical behavior, biology and sludge removal. According to the calculation, construction process and changes of all processes are optional and planning is supported by many auxiliary functions.

As a result, Aqua Designer documents including building, machinery and operating costs are ready to be printed as an official document. This program is used worldwide for herbal medicine planning. One of the special features of Aqua Designer software is guiding the user through a flow chart. At first glance you can see the current processing status, the chosen design paths or possible alternatives. The software supports eleven different languages ​​including English, French, German and..

Features and characteristics of Aqua Designer:

Mechanical behavior:

With Aqua Designer software you can select the following components:

  • Sand aeration and grease chamber
  • Circular chamber of sand
  • Initial settling tank

Design options:

  • Examine existing plants and parts and perform calculations
  • Multi-linear dimensions
  • Provide a direct comparison of calculations or quick calculations

More modules for factory design:

  • Real small paintings
  • Results chart
  • Databases for machinery and operating costs

Cleaning process available:

  • Degradation of carbon nitrification
  • Cascading nitrogenation, simultaneously and alternately
  • Phosphorus removal

Installation guide

Find the Readme.txt file in the Crack‌ folder.

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