Bitsum PECompact Beta

Bitsum PECompact Beta

PECompact is a tool for compressing and packing executable files. Developers are always looking for solutions to reduce the size of executable files and compress them. Now this compression is not always to reduce the size of the program. Too often, programmers compress executable files to make it harder to penetrate. PECompact is precisely a tool for compressing Windows executables, but it has plug-ins that allow programmers to protect their program code against possible attacks and reverse engineering.

Even if your software is open source and there is no need to consider security features, it is not necessary to compress the executable file to reduce the final volume. Using the unique and advanced algorithms of this tool, you can reduce the final size of PE or Windows executable files. Reducing the size of Exe files, in addition to saving hard disk consumption, also increases the speed of the program because it takes less time to transfer the program to memory and therefore less time is required to decompress the file.

Features of the PECompact tool:

  •  Excellent compression rate
  • High loading speed and decompression
  • Support for framework plugins such as CODEC, API Hook, and Loader
  • Ability to protect code against reverse engineering attacks
  • High compatibility of your zip files with all versions of Windows 95 and above for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems
  • Ability to compress PE types of files created with C ++, Delphi, VB and و languages
  • Extensive settings for changing individual parameters related to compressing executable files and establishing security in them
  • Full DEP compatibility
  • Ability to compress all types of PEs including installers, SFX files and…

Installation guide

After installation, copy the file in the Crack folder to the software installation location.

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Download Bitsum_PECompact_3.11.00.02_BETA

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