4 powerful ways to block pop-up ads on your Android phone

block pop-up ads

block pop-up ads on your Android phone

Nothing is more annoying than pop-up ads that constantly appear on web pages or within an application. Advertising on a desktop screen is nerve-wracking, let alone a mobile device with a small screen. If you are tired of the pop-up ads that you constantly see on your phone, it is better to read this article to the end. In this article, we will introduce you to methods that can greatly prevent ads from displaying on Android phones.

How to stop popup ads in your browser?

If the sites you visit regularly display pop-up ads, you can turn off or disable ads by relying on a number of methods.

Chrome pre-built options for blocking ads

Since Chrome is the default Android browser and you use it often, it is best to get acquainted with the options of this browser first. For quick access to ad deactivation options, touch the menu button in the form of three dots in the right corner of the app, select settings, and then touch Site settings. In the page that appears, you will see the settings that affect how you interact with sites on your Android device. Touch Pop-ups and redirects. This option is disabled by default. If you want to block pop-up ads from being displayed, set this option to active.

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

Go back one page. There is another option called Ads. Inside the above option, there is a slider that is disabled by default. This option allows Chrome to block annoying or misleading ads known as spam. We suggest that you enable the above option so that this ad model is not displayed.

If the above two options do not solve your problem properly, there is another option in Android that reduces the amount of ads. This option is the same as the famous Chrome data saver mode. The data saving option significantly reduces the amount of traffic consumed during web browsing by using methods such as compressing content, using file caches, and blocking items such as pop-up ads. To enable this option, go to Menu -> Settings -> Data Saver and enable it.

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

Some websites may look weird after enabling this option, but don’t forget that you are looking for a better user experience.

Use another Android browser

If the Chrome browser can’t properly block pop-ups, it’s a good idea to switch to another browser. There are several options in the Play Store that can block malicious pop-ups and provide an enjoyable browsing experience. To see a list of lightweight and smooth Android browsers, I suggest going to  The 7 Best Lightweight Android Browsers for Speedy Performance . Most of the browsers listed above provide features similar to Chrome’s data saver feature, which prevents unnecessary elements of a web page from being displayed.

If you used both of these tips and still see pop-up ads, it’s time to review the sites you visit.

How to block full screen pop-up ads on Android?

So far, we have discovered how to prevent pop-up ads from appearing in your browser. But what about full-screen ads that appear on the phone, especially when using an app? Especially ads that may be on the home screen?

Ads in a specific application

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

If you see pop-ups when you open a particular game or application, your chances of blocking ads are slim. In most cases, you should think about replacing that program with another example. Advertising helps free software developers to earn a living. In such cases, in order not to see ads in an application, you should think about buying a professional version of the product or use the ad-free version of that application. Some apps have an in-app purchase option. Aside from rooting the device, the only way to prevent ads from appearing within an app is to stop it. You can put your phone in Airplane mode so that ads within an app or game are not displayed. Note that on rooted phones, there are ways to rebuild an application and install an ad-free version that is not suitable for regular users.

Grandfathers from unknown sources

Pop-ups are sometimes shown from unknown sources, and it is not clear exactly what programs they download and show. First you need to check what pop-up ads are appearing recently when running. Examine the programs you have recently run and remove any suspicious ones. Maybe one of these programs is malicious and is the cause of advertising. In general, programs such as system cleaners, wallpapers, flashlight programs, etc. are filled with a lot of ads. If the problem is not solved by a simple check, then check the application permissions. To do this, go to the path below.

Settings> Apps & notifications> Advanced> Special app access> Display over other apps

On this page you will find a list of all installed applications and the permissions assigned to them. On this page, try to find suspicious items. In some cases, programs have to show ads for some reason. For example, the SMS application may show a Quick Reply box for quick reply, or you may use a password manager that fills in fields within other applications. If you see any suspicious items on this page that should not have the relevant license, just select the Allow display over other apps option and set it to off.

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

When installing applications, be careful what permissions you assign to the applications.

Scan to detect Android malware

If you have trouble displaying pop-ups after detecting suspicious programs and checking permissions, your device may be infected with malware. When you download apps from stores other than Google Play, the chances of your device becoming infected with malware are doubled. In this case, we suggest you install anti-virus on your Android device and scan the device. Malwarebytes for Android is an ideal option that can be used to scan and scan infections.

In some cases you will notice that the phone does not have malware, but pop-ups are still displayed, in this case it is not bad to do a factory reset on your phone. This is especially important when you uninstall an app from your phone, but after restarting the phone you will notice that the app is still on your phone and pop-ups are also displayed.

How to block ads displayed inside Android notifications?

We can’t explicitly define this ad model as pop-up, but in some cases it can be annoying for users. Especially when they look like a banner in the notifications section. To delete these ads, go to phone settings. A simple way to go to settings is to hold a notification for a few seconds to enter the app notification settings directly. If the above technique does not take you to the relevant page, you should go to Settings> Apps & notifications> See all X apps and touch the name of the application whose settings you want to open. Scroll down the screen to see the Notifications option. Touch the option above. In the screen that opens, change the ON option to Off so that the notifications of that program no longer appear.

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

If you do not want to disable all notifications in an application and deactivate only some of them, go to the application settings. On the application page you should look for the Settings option. For example, in the image below, in the IMDB program, by going to the program settings menu, we touched the notification Settings option to prevent the display of movie ads as trailers.

Four powerful ways to block pop-up ads on Android

In this article, we will learn about the three main ways to stop showing pop-ups on Android. Of course, there are other options, such as installing ad-blocking programs. For example, if your phone is rooted, installing the ad-block Plus app will significantly block ads. If your phone is not rooted, by installing the above program on the phone, you have to manually apply the settings, which is not a simple process.

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